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Review: Lust, Money and Murder Part 1 by Mike Wells

Tonight I had the extreme pleasure of reading Lust, Money and Murder: Part 1, written by Mike Wells.

Lust, Money and Murder follows the story of Elaine, a strong willed 20 something year old woman, from her days in high school, all the way through to her job in the Secret Service.

When Elaine’s father is arrested for counterfeiting money, and consequently commits suicide whilst in prison, Elaine swears revenge against the man who set him up.

The character of Elaine is very courageous, strong willed and independent. However, she still has a very innocent and accepting nature, which provokes the reader to sympathise with her plight, and want to protect her. There is a slight touch of romance, without it overwhelming the storyline and taking the focus away from Elaine’s real task.

Mike Wells reminds me of the great Sidney Sheldon. He has a way of portraying the heroine’s story that is believable, raw, honest with just a touch of vulnerability in the character.

I truly enjoyed reading this story, the cliffhanger was great and I look forward to reading Lust, Money and Murder: Part 2.

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One comment on “Review: Lust, Money and Murder Part 1 by Mike Wells

  1. countingducks
    September 19, 2013

    This review is a nice taster and makes me want to know more

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