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Characters Wanted! Apply Within

I have exciting news. I am almost finished writing Sleeping With the Competition! Now comes the difficult part, making the characters truly come to life.

I am looking for 1 male for the cover of the novel. Experience is a benefit, but not mandatory.

To be Riley:

You will be male, between the ages of 25 and 35. You will be around 6 foot, with dark hair that just brushes over your eyes (we all know that slightly emo “floppy” look). You will have a strongly built upper torso, with a 5 o’clock shadow and very light blue eyes.

To Audition:

Please send 2 headshots, as well as 2 full body shots. In the full body shots I require 1 wearing a full suit with the tie loosened and the top couple of buttons undone. The second shot I require you to wear a long sleeved white business shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and all the buttons open to expose your chest.

NOTE: This position is unpaid, however you will receive credit as the model. The front cover of a romance novel? What a great addition to your resume!


All expressions of interest should be forwarded to by 30/11/2013.


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